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5 Benefits of Aerial Photography for Real Estate Marketing

Gone are the days when realtors would take every prospective buyer to tour the listed properties. With the internet becoming a vehicle for every business, the real estate landscape is now also working with a lot of digital and online assistance. For instance, people now do half of their research regarding any real estate property via the internet.

If you are a realtor who wants to effectively reach out to prospective buyers when they are still at their searching phase on the internet, then aerial photography can be very useful. There are several reasons why aerial photography of real estate is going to pay you dividends.

1) Gives a Unique and Detailed View of the Property

The conventional photography can’t do justice to a big property no matter how good you are with your clicks. An estate with lawns, backyards, and water bodies can’t be presented with its full flaunt by ground images only. With aerial photography, you get the chance to offer the panoramic and a holistic (literally) picture of any such property.

It is only possible through aerial photography that you can capture all the individual sections and divisions of an estate in a single shot.

2) Gives a Wider Perspective of the Location

When you are filming an estate aerially, you can show the surrounding area as well. In other words, you can show potential buyers the entire neighborhood of the listed properties. Aerial photography is another way to substantiate your claims you have made regarding the proximity of certain amenities.

3) To Stay Ahead of Competition

By adding aerial photography of the properties and the surroundings (preferably done by helicopters), you can make your portfolio stand out among the other realtors. On any online real estate forum or portal, your placements with aerial stills and films will automatically get more traction, which will eventually convert into some substantial gains as well.

4) To Give a City/Town Tour

To attract buyers who are not from a particular city/town, you can make a comprehensive tour of the place from the viewpoint of the given property. Showing the listed property and then major city attractions and landmarks within the same footage will do wonders for your marketing efforts.

When capturing the entire city or most of it in photos, drones may render useless. However, a helicopter aerial filming can let you have that impressive element in your real estate marketing regimen.

5) Cumulative Result: Quick Sales at Better Price

Comprehensive aerial filming of a property and its surroundings speeds up buyers’ decision-making process. By getting a lot of useful visual information regarding property from aerial filming alone, they are able to call the shots in lesser time. Similarly, presenting a property in a unique, rewarding way also gives you leverage during the price negotiating phase. Every realtor strives to get both these results from their marketing attempts.

H5 Helicopters is a full-service helicopter company with a trained crew to help you with aerial filming of large commercial real estate projects and properties.