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About Us

Full-service aerial adventures

Going the extra mile to make long-lasting memories.

Just minutes by air from some of the Southwest’s most scenic natural wonders, H5 Helicopters provides premier, full-service aerial adventures that offer rare glimpses of hidden gems — the rolling waters of the Colorado River, the Technicolor beauty of the Painted Desert, the snow-kissed plateaus of Hopi mesas, to name just a few.

H5 Helicopter Rides

Sharing our love of flight

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Stewardship and respect

A 10,000-foot view of our mission, vision, and values.


H5 Helicopters is committed to providing our clients with a safe, comfortable, and once-in-a-lifetime aerial experience in the adventurous Southwest.


We believe in sharing our love of flight with every individual we meet and opening their eyes and imaginations to experience the incredible landscapes and excitement of the American Southwest.


We believe in responsible stewardship of the environment. We endeavor to capture the splendor of creation for our clients and share with them the beauty and splendor that God has created from a God’s eye perspective.


With that in mind, the “SaberCat1” crew plans the optimum flight path for every mission to avoid environmentally- or noise-sensitive areas, using the most sophisticated GPS devices available in plotting the safest and most dynamic flight, while giving clients the adventure of a lifetime.

We respect the land we are afforded the honor of flying above. We will not infringe or impose upon, nor ignore or insult the customs or beliefs of any of the native cultures or peoples whose tribal lands and sacred spaces we are given permission to travel through.

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conference room at h5 helicopters
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A location that’s at the heart of it all.

H5’s FAA-certified heliport 81AZ and spacious hangar are conveniently located on a private taxiway adjacent to Scottsdale Municipal Airport. Just minutes from natural landmarks and iconic vistas, guests take off for an insider’s view of the Arizona territory surrounded by luxury, comfort, and safety within our “SaberCat1” helicopter.

H5 Helicopters

Meet our crew