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About Us

H5 Helicopters is the premier full-service helicopter company in the Southwest. Specializing in unique and custom helicopter tours, charters, commercial filming and external load operations.

H5 Productions, Inc H5 Productions, Inc

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona and conveniently located adjacent to Scottsdale Municipal Airport, H5 Helicopters is minutes by air from some of the world’s most exotic and scenic natural wonders, including the rolling waters of the Colorado River, the red rocks of Sedona, the burning floor of the Painted Desert and the snow-kissed plateaus of the Hopi mesas.

We know the territory from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley and many other natural landmarks and hidden gems of the Southwest. Fly with us as we take you on the aerial adventure of  a lifetime; safely, comfortably and in the luxury of the “SaberCat1” helicopter.

About Us

Mitch Kelldorf

Mitch Kelldorf

President/Chief PilotH5 Helicopters president, Mitch Kelldorf…

H5 Helicopters president, Mitch Kelldorf, is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for both flying and the cinematic arts. Virtually obsessed with quality, Kelldorf believes that the grandest visions have the greatest potential when the most highly skilled people have access to best technology available. This is the guiding ethos of H5 Helicopters. He began flying fixed wing aircraft in 1988 and “graduated” to his first love, helicopters, in 1998. Kelldorf’s early career experience included time with the US Marine Corps, training as an actor at New York’s prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute, and working as a partner in an event design and production company. Subsequently, he received design patents for his new product inventions and established Sculptware, a leading manufacturer and supplier of “functional art” design products for the Special Events industry. In 2008 Kelldorf founded H5 Helicopters and introduced the “SaberCat1” helicopter, setting a new standard for aerial platforms in the tour, charter and aerial filming industry.

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Nelson Rood

Director of OperationsDirector of Operations, Nelson Rood and owner…

Director of Operations, Nelson Rood and owner Mitch Kelldorf have been working together since early 2000. First as General Manager with Mitch’s previous company for six years, Nelson started with H5 Helicopters in April of 2010. The business operations, scheduling and flight management of H5 is Nelson’s passion. Nelson’s duties include negotiating crew and contracts, fielding sales calls, posting video to social media, clipping video for the online library, flight planning, maintaining and preparing the “SaberCat1” aircraft for flight operations. Drop by to take a tour of the H5 facility and Nelson will give you a tour of how H5 has set the industry standard in helicopter tours, charters and aerial filming.

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Mission and Core Values

H5 Helicopter’s “Mission” is committed to providing our clientele a safe, comfortable and once in a lifetime aerial experience into the adventurous Southwest. Vision
At H5 Helicopters we believe in sharing our love of flight with every individual we meet and to open their eyes and imaginations to experience the incredible landscapes and excitement of the American Southwest.Stewardship
Our canvas is the natural world around us, the earth and the sky. We believe in responsible stewardship of the environment. We endeavor to capture the splendor of creation for our clientele and share with them the beauty and splendor that God has created from a God’s eye perspective.  With that in mind the “SaberCat1” crew plans the optimum flight path for every mission to avoid environmentally or noise sensitive areas, use the most sophisticated GPS devices available in plotting the safest and most dynamic flight and give the client the adventure of a lifetime.Respect
We will not infringe or impose upon, nor ignore or insult the customs or beliefs of any of the native cultures or peoples whose tribal lands and sacred spaces we are afforded the honor of flying above. 

H5 Productions, Inc