The Southwest’s Premier Helicopter Tour Charter & Filming Company

Serving the Southwest region for over a decade, H5 Helicopters offers the most spectacular Aerial Adventures in the Industry. Featuring the fully customized Airbus AS350 B2 helicopter
“SaberCat 1”

H5 Helicopters are completely equipped with every luxury amenity for tours and charter. We offer a wide variety of tools for filming, utility work, and diverse aerial missions.
"H5 Helicopters deliver."

H5 Helicopters provides the full line of gyro stabilized systems on the market today. Featuring the “Rock-Solid” Cineflex Elite, Cineflex Ultra and the Shotover F1. All systems offer multiple camera and lens options that can be configured to the customers specifications.  H5 offers years of experience in aerial cinematography, still photography, Motion Picture, Television and aerial coordination.  Looking for unmatched customer service and the highest quality aerial cinematography in the industry, H5 Aerial Filming is 
“Go For Launch”.

Experience the Southwest’s premier helicopter adventure in Luxury, Safety and Comfort. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in SaberCat1, the five passenger Airbus AS350-B2 helicopter. Whether your interest is seeing the wild Arizona outback, creating a custom tour to an exotic location or just a serine tour through the Valley of the Sun, H5 Charter is
“Go for Launch”

H5 Helicopter services set the bar for any and all of your aerial requirements. The Airbus AS350-B2, “SaberCat1”, is identified as one of the safest single engine helicopters in the industry today, and is the standard for aerial utility missions, external load operations and aerial filming platforms.  The performance, spacious interior and panoramic visibility create the ultimate working environment. Whether your needs require moving equipment, fueling in remote locations or aerial coordination, H5 Services are 
“Go for Launch”.

IMAGE# 1_Mr.Las Vegas_Wayne Newton_MK

Wayne Newton

“Incredible Ride my friend, Thank you for your Service, Semper Fi”

IMAGE# 2_Yair Netanyahu_Eliran Sfaradi_MK1

Yair Netanyahu

"Amazing Adventure and Spectacular Country, I love the Southwest”

H5 Productions, Inc

Sean and Hopper Penn

"Awesome flight - dude."

H5 Productions, Inc

Mark Hammond (Top Gear)

"Superior flying".

H5 Productions, Inc

Clint Eastwood

"Excellent Flight - Made my day."

H5 Productions, Inc

Rob Cohen (Director of The Fast and the Furious)

"Spiritual flight -  Loved it!"