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Reasons for Planning Helicopter Commutes for Your High-Profile Clients in Arizona

3 Reasons to Plan Helicopter Commutes for Your High-Profile Clients in Arizona

Any business dealing with VIPs and high-profile clients knows how hectic arranging their commutes can get; these commutes have to be convenient, foolproof, and cost-effective. Truth to be told, combining all these elements in a VIP commute plan is a near-impossible task.

However, it is not an absolute impossible given that you are factoring in helicopters as a viable option to travel. When regular helicopter commutes have become quite normal in cities like New York and London, it is not outlandish to arrange intra-city and intercity traveling of your guests in Arizona by air.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea.

1) Cut the Clutter of Traffic

Traffic jams have become the biggest slayer of time in metropolitans and big cities. In Los Angeles alone, people spend over 100 hours a year in traffic jams. For high-profile people you are engaging with, time is money. They would appreciate it if you can find a way to make their commutes less time-consuming.

This is possible by arranging their traveling through a helicopter. By saving their valuable time, you can make them available to you for longer. Moreover, when you save them from the exhaustion of jams and honking horns, they will be in a better frame of mind to fulfill their commitments.

2) A More Secure Way to Travel

If your high-profile guest is also a famous person, then you need to give a lot of attention to their security details as well, particularly when managing their travel plans is also your responsibility. If you move them around by air instead of the road, you won’t be required to dispatch an entire squad of bodyguards alongside. Air travel is inherently more secure and less intrusive than any other mode of transportation.

3) To Give Them the VIP Treatment

Let’s face it. No matter how humble and unassuming your high-profile guests are, they will expect some VIP treatment from your side. While getting the functional benefits (discussed above), you can also use helicopter commute to give your guests the VIP treatment they anticipate.

Having a chopper at their disposal will make a good impression of your venture/management in their perception; this will eventually work in your favor one way or the other.

The Burning Question of Expenses

People impulsively drop the idea of a helicopter to move their guests because of its high cost. Helicopter commuting is certainly not cheap. However, you can’t just discard it without factoring in the associated costs of moving a VIP.

For instance, hiring a convoy of 4WDs along with a group of security personnel will also cost you a lot of money. It will be more cumbersome from the logistic point of view as well. In short, the cost of helicopter traveling doesn’t come as too hefty when the passenger in question is a VVIP.

H5 Helicopters can work out the air travel plan of your VIP and high-profile clients. With the premium services of full-time helicopter company at your disposal, devising an aerial commute of your venerated guests won’t be a problem.