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Reasons to Get on an Aerial Tour of the Grand Canyon

3 Reasons to Get on an Aerial Tour of the Grand Canyon

The Great Grand Canyons of Arizona— one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a must-visit destination for people all around the world. Interestingly enough, many Arizonian and people living in the driving vicinity haven’t visited these majestic clefts.

If you are also one of those who have appreciated the splendor of this Arizonan landmark only in pictures and movies, then believe us when we say that you are missing out on a very special experience. You need to schedule a tour to the Grand Canyon ASAP. Go for the aerial tour and get the best experience.

Hear us out as why the aerial tour of the Grand Canyon via helicopter is the best.

1) It Is Not Tiring and Time-Consuming Like a Driving Trip

You can certainly drive to the canyons. However, it will take anything in between 3-5 hours from whichever nearby city of Arizona or any neighboring state you are planning to travel. For instance, you will have to drive for at least over 3-and-a-half hours from Phoenix to get there.

And the long-drawn-out time of commute is not the only problem. It will also be hot and dry and there is nothing to see or do while driving there. In short, you need at least 8 hours of rigorous driving with a lot of exhaustion just to ‘touch’ the Canyons.

On the other hand, a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon will wrap up within an hour while providing you with the most rewarding experience from a sightseeing point of view. For enjoying aerial tours to the Canyon, you just need to do one thing: sit back and soak up most of the aesthetic charms of this nature’s wonder.

2) You Are Going to Fly Over and Into the Grand Canyon

Now, this is where the road trips and hiking can’t even get near to the experience of an aerial tour. When you get aboard a helicopter to tour the Grand Canyon, you get to see it from those panoramic angles that only exist in images. Whether it’s the twisting turning Colorado River or the famous Sky Walk Bridge, you get to see them as a whole.

Similarly, flying right into the Canyons is another thrilling experience. Traversing through the air with soaring clefts on either side—it doesn’t feel short of a hi-action movies sequence.

3) No Distasteful Surprises

Whether it’s a road trip or an on-foot expedition, there will always be uncertainty regarding what to expect and how much money you will end up spending on the tour. In contrast to that, no unpleasant surprises are part of helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon. You are paying a fixed amount and flying with the most experienced heli-pilots. Ruling out uncertainty begets peace of mind and that is one of the reasons anybody wants to visit the quiet, serene, and majestic heights of the Grand Canyon.

With H5 Helicopters, you can make the most of an aerial tour to the Grand Canyon. The premier full-service helicopter company offers handy yet adventurous tours to other Southwestern attractions as well.

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Benefits of Aerial Photography for Real Estate Marketing

5 Benefits of Aerial Photography for Real Estate Marketing

Gone are the days when realtors would take every prospective buyer to tour the listed properties. With the internet becoming a vehicle for every business, the real estate landscape is now also working with a lot of digital and online assistance. For instance, people now do half of their research regarding any real estate property via the internet.

If you are a realtor who wants to effectively reach out to prospective buyers when they are still at their searching phase on the internet, then aerial photography can be very useful. There are several reasons why aerial photography of real estate is going to pay you dividends.

1) Gives a Unique and Detailed View of the Property

The conventional photography can’t do justice to a big property no matter how good you are with your clicks. An estate with lawns, backyards, and water bodies can’t be presented with its full flaunt by ground images only. With aerial photography, you get the chance to offer the panoramic and a holistic (literally) picture of any such property.

It is only possible through aerial photography that you can capture all the individual sections and divisions of an estate in a single shot.

2) Gives a Wider Perspective of the Location

When you are filming an estate aerially, you can show the surrounding area as well. In other words, you can show potential buyers the entire neighborhood of the listed properties. Aerial photography is another way to substantiate your claims you have made regarding the proximity of certain amenities.

3) To Stay Ahead of Competition

By adding aerial photography of the properties and the surroundings (preferably done by helicopters), you can make your portfolio stand out among the other realtors. On any online real estate forum or portal, your placements with aerial stills and films will automatically get more traction, which will eventually convert into some substantial gains as well.

4) To Give a City/Town Tour

To attract buyers who are not from a particular city/town, you can make a comprehensive tour of the place from the viewpoint of the given property. Showing the listed property and then major city attractions and landmarks within the same footage will do wonders for your marketing efforts.

When capturing the entire city or most of it in photos, drones may render useless. However, a helicopter aerial filming can let you have that impressive element in your real estate marketing regimen.

5) Cumulative Result: Quick Sales at Better Price

Comprehensive aerial filming of a property and its surroundings speeds up buyers’ decision-making process. By getting a lot of useful visual information regarding property from aerial filming alone, they are able to call the shots in lesser time. Similarly, presenting a property in a unique, rewarding way also gives you leverage during the price negotiating phase. Every realtor strives to get both these results from their marketing attempts.

H5 Helicopters is a full-service helicopter company with a trained crew to help you with aerial filming of large commercial real estate projects and properties.

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Reasons for Planning Helicopter Commutes for Your High-Profile Clients in Arizona

3 Reasons to Plan Helicopter Commutes for Your High-Profile Clients in Arizona

Any business dealing with VIPs and high-profile clients knows how hectic arranging their commutes can get; these commutes have to be convenient, foolproof, and cost-effective. Truth to be told, combining all these elements in a VIP commute plan is a near-impossible task.

However, it is not an absolute impossible given that you are factoring in helicopters as a viable option to travel. When regular helicopter commutes have become quite normal in cities like New York and London, it is not outlandish to arrange intra-city and intercity traveling of your guests in Arizona by air.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea.

1) Cut the Clutter of Traffic

Traffic jams have become the biggest slayer of time in metropolitans and big cities. In Los Angeles alone, people spend over 100 hours a year in traffic jams. For high-profile people you are engaging with, time is money. They would appreciate it if you can find a way to make their commutes less time-consuming.

This is possible by arranging their traveling through a helicopter. By saving their valuable time, you can make them available to you for longer. Moreover, when you save them from the exhaustion of jams and honking horns, they will be in a better frame of mind to fulfill their commitments.

2) A More Secure Way to Travel

If your high-profile guest is also a famous person, then you need to give a lot of attention to their security details as well, particularly when managing their travel plans is also your responsibility. If you move them around by air instead of the road, you won’t be required to dispatch an entire squad of bodyguards alongside. Air travel is inherently more secure and less intrusive than any other mode of transportation.

3) To Give Them the VIP Treatment

Let’s face it. No matter how humble and unassuming your high-profile guests are, they will expect some VIP treatment from your side. While getting the functional benefits (discussed above), you can also use helicopter commute to give your guests the VIP treatment they anticipate.

Having a chopper at their disposal will make a good impression of your venture/management in their perception; this will eventually work in your favor one way or the other.

The Burning Question of Expenses

People impulsively drop the idea of a helicopter to move their guests because of its high cost. Helicopter commuting is certainly not cheap. However, you can’t just discard it without factoring in the associated costs of moving a VIP.

For instance, hiring a convoy of 4WDs along with a group of security personnel will also cost you a lot of money. It will be more cumbersome from the logistic point of view as well. In short, the cost of helicopter traveling doesn’t come as too hefty when the passenger in question is a VVIP.

H5 Helicopters can work out the air travel plan of your VIP and high-profile clients. With the premium services of full-time helicopter company at your disposal, devising an aerial commute of your venerated guests won’t be a problem.

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Reasons Helicopters Triumph over Drones for Aerial Filming

4 Reasons Helicopter Triumph over Drone for Aerial Filming

Whether it is a feature film, a documentary or promotional footage, the addition of aerial shots adds authenticity to any given subject or discourse. For the longest time in history, helicopters have been used to capture those soaring top shots for all sorts of content.

Even today when drone cams have become all the rage in aerial filming landscape, helicopters stay ahead of this newer technology in many aspects. Here, we are going to shed some light on those areas where helicopters triumph over a drone cam when it comes to aerial filming.

1) Unmatchable Range and Fly Time

A drone cam is good for taking quick generic aerial shots. In fact, drones are often used just to label footage with the tag of “aerial shot”. There are pretty straightforward reasons why drones can’t give you the ‘real’ aerial footage.

To begin with, their range and fly time has no match with the supreme flying capability of a helicopter. Even the “long-range” drone cams available on the block can’t fly for more than half an hour and a couple of miles.

You don’t have to face such restraints while filming from a helicopter. Even the most basic helicopter shot can give you the coverage of hundreds of miles with the fly time of many hours. Moreover, it won’t face the curb of ‘recharge’. You will certainly need to refuel the helicopter, but by then you are most likely to complete your aerial filming assignment.

2) Supreme Payload

Drones can only fly with certain lightweight cameras and lenses. Those specs may be good enough for amateur aerial filming. However, a professional project may not get the desirable results from the camera work of a drone. In contrast, a helicopter allows you to take the heaviest camera rigs on board. If you don’t want to compromise on the crisp quality of aerial filming, then you need to get that heavy camera equipment in the air, which is only possible through a helicopter.

3) Some Locations Are Only Scalable Through Helicopters

Let’s suppose you have to take an aerial shot from the middle of nowhere in the wild southwest. There are strong chances that you might not find a drone with such a long range.  Even if you find one, there is always a risk of losing orientation and connection while flying a drone at its maximum range.

To risk losing an expensive long-range drone along with a high-definition camera and lens or getting on a helicopter ride to capture those difficult shots in the best quality and without taking any unnecessary risks—the choice is yours.

4) Helicopter Gives You the Room of Improvisation

When you fly a drone, you only get to see through its lens.  But when you go on conventional helicopter aerial filming, you get the opportunity to see the surrounding locations by your own eyes while filming. Getting this firsthand visual input can help you in improvising your aerial filming for better.

The experienced pilots and operators at H5 Helicopters can help you with any challenging aerial filming assignment in the wider southwestern region. You will certainly get far better results than regular drone shots.